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The Producer's Pin

 Continuing the tradition of quality, we move to a new contemporary and simplified model! Designed by our good friend and Brother, Jason Richards and manufactured by Edgar Alejandro of Masonic Revival, this pin stays true to the idea of elegance and mystery. Keeping the original triad shape for Deity, the working tools, acacia leaves and the all seeing eye, the pin is unmistakable as Masonic. We border the pin in red as a tribute to the higher degrees and the search for more light. Finally the words, "Whence Came You?" are right there front and center. Again the hard-fired colored enamel and a strong e-clasp for the pin back are what make this one outstanding. All sales will be used to help us meet our funding goals which will allow us to bring you more Masonic content! - $10 + $3.50 Shipping 


The 15%'er

I inquired on a number of Facebook Groups comprised of Freemasons, a question. That question was a generality and is NOT hard data, but is still relevant. The question? "Which statement best fits your perception of lodge attendance?"  After compiling the results from all of the places that I polled, we have a number that represents what percentage of our membership are attending our meetings. You guessed it, about 15%.  

In the spirit of change, and the fervor of the political season, I offer you some flair. A campaign button--"Goin' to lodge" is for the 15%'ers. 

So what say you? Are you a 15%'er? These buttons are free! But you can only get it if I see you in lodge, and you have to ask for it.  Only 50 will be made in the initial run. 


The Mason's Lady Decal


These vinyl car decals are great quality, and are 5"x5" approximately. Extremely limited quaintly for the first run. Thanks for supporting! - $5 + $3.50 Shipping


It's Business Time - Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry - Autographed

 Few books on the craft today offer logistical assistance on the operational lodge or its active officers. It’s Business Time aims to offer a fresh look at the best practices that the world of business has spawned over the last hundred years and to take these market-disrupting techniques and adapt them for use at the Lodge level. Just because Freemasonry isn't inherently a business doesn’t mean the organization can’t benefit from industry-proven best organizational practices. It's Business Time lays out these modern concepts, and their relevance to Freemasonry in an easy-to-understand guide. The work explores and adapts each concept for use across the organization, regardless of leadership level. If utilized appropriately, these concepts can be a powerful force multiplier in enabling Lodges to succeed in the modern era. 

"As someone with an MBA, I have long studied some of the best business practices and how to use these in organizations that I have been associated with. Brothers Johnson and Ruark have assembled some of the most innovative approaches used by successful companies and have illustrated how to adopt these for use in Freemasonry. This book is not about making Freemasonry a business, but rather applying these principals in building a successful lodge. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for new and innovative ideas."

Gregory J. Knott, PM, St. Joseph Lodge No. 970 (IL) Senior Contributor - Midnight Freemasons

Available on Amazon (Not Autographed) & on Audible!


Laudable Pursuit - From Audible

In 2019 I contacted Chris Hodapp about putting Laudable Pursuit on Audible. He was immediately on board. It was personal because myself along with 20 other men used this book as a means to start a new lodge. And we were successful. As part of a tribute to Chris and the Knights of the North, we completed this audio version of Laudable Pursuit--it gave so much to us, and we wanted to give back. With Chris narrating along side other members of our lodge (myself included) we offer this audio version. All proceeds will be donated back to the Indiana Masonic Library and Museum. We have some original music we wrote and played for the intro and outdo as well. We hope this book continues to bring even more light to our Brothers for years to come. Clicking the image will take you to Audible where you can purchase the book for 6.95 or get it free with a trial. Many thanks to all who grab up this title. Please remember to rate it!